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Lieberman's API

This guide is intended for developers who want to programmatically access the Lieberman's platform. It assumes that you are familiar with web services and with the programming language you will be using. It also assumes you are familiar with Lieberman's in general.

The core messaging technology for the Lieberman's API is Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), which is an XML- and HTTP-based protocol with wide support in the industry.

Please use the links below to view the available documentation for the Lieberman's API:

Lieberman's API Basics - Covers what is required to use the API.
Lieberman's API Documentation - Documentation for each web method in the API.

Lieberman's API Basics

Request Header

In order to call any method of the Lieberman's API, you must have permission, which is given in the form of an application token, email address, and password. These values must be passed in with each web service call. A developer is issued an Application Token when they register to use the Lieberman's API. Each request to the Lieberman's API requires a valid Application Token, email address, and password as part of the request header - all three are required to access the API.

Rather than passing these as parameters, these values will be passed in the request header wrapped in the WebServiceCredential. The following header elements are required for requests sent to the Lieberman's API web services:

A string that identifies an application as one authorized to call the Lieberman's API web services. An example token string is ZYXwvu-TSR123_456ABCDE. Application tokens are always 22 characters long.
Email address for the Lieberman's account being accessed.
Password for the Lieberman's account being accessed.

Below is example c# code which instantiates a LiebermansService class and passes in the WebServiceCredential values.

class WSUtility
public static LiebermansService GetLiebermansService()
LiebermansService svc = new LiebermansService();
WebServiceCredential wsCred = new WebServiceCredential();
wsCred.ApplicationToken = "<app token>";
wsCred.EmailAddress = "<email address>";
wsCred.Password = "<password>";
svc.WebServiceCredentialValue = wsCred;
svc.EnableDecompression = true;
return svc;


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